A Doctor’s thread about Covid-19 from 2020 is very relevant in these times 

This Doctor’s thread about Covid-19 from 2020 is more relevant than ever now: 

It’s been over a year since Covid-19 has completely changed our lives. While the rest of the world is getting back to its feet slowly, India is battling with a more dangerous second wave of coronavirus. However, a Twitter thread from last year by Dr Faheem Younus about co-existing with Covid-19 is still making sense and is more relevant than ever.     

Younus asked not to deny science since this pandemic is here to stay. He compared all the precautions for Covid-19 with driving a car. 

He simply explained how before driving a car, you follow all the safety rules and the same should be done for coronavirus precautions. 

Towards the end, he suggested that if everyone wears a mask, maintains distance, washes hands, and takes all the precautions, lives could be saved without a lockdown. 

We request every one to take all the necessary precautions.