All you need to know about the deadly virus in China

Things you need to know about the deadly virus in China:

There is a mysterious outbreak in central China that has been linked to coronavirus. It is basically a family of bugs responsible for diseases that range in severity from the common cold to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, or SARS. The health experts around the world are trying to understand and track down the new virus.

Many cases have been reported and 2,000 cases have been confirmed and 56 deaths. The majority of the illnesses are in China, but cases have been reported in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Macau, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, France, and the US.

What is this virus called?

China has confirmed that this belongs to the coronavirus family which is yet to be identified. Earlier in 2002, Sars (severe acute respiratory syndrome) was reported and resulted in an outbreak, which was a coronavirus as well.

Source New york times
Source New york times

What is worry?

The biggest concern is that there is not a specific treatment or vaccines available for the virus. These outbreaks sicken thousands of people.

How serious is it?

At the current stage, it appears to be less virulent and less deadly than SARS.

What are the symptoms to look for?

It is mainly the fever, with some patients experiencing fatigue, a dry cough and difficulty breathing. There is a chance that other people might be infected as well.

What is the source of this virus?

Source Moneycontrol
Source Moneycontrol

It is likely to come from the animal reservoir like SARS but no confirmation has been given so far.  SARS virus source was recognized to be bat which passed on from civet cats to humans.

What can we do to prevent it?

The virus is initially not spreading but it has been reported that it may spread through contact. So, protect yourself from flu, wash your hands, cover your mouth when you cough and stay away from the people who are sick.