Could COVID-19 be airborne? Strong evidence emerges

Evidence suggests that COVID-19 could be airborne.

The steep rise in the number of COVID-19 cases across the nation is a cause of worry. The sudden spread of coronavirus has raised many questions in the light of recent events, it has been found out that COVID-19 may be airborne and failure to treat the virus in that way can lead to vast exposure.

Source- Los Angeles Times

The study was published in the Lancet journal six experts from the UK, the US, and Canada have participated in the research. The failure to treat COVID-19 as airborne can lead to compromised health measures which may further lead to the spreading of the virus.

This discovery is not new as 200 scientists from across the world wrote to WHO citing that
COVID-19 could be airborne and the droplets could lead to infection.

The scientists have requested urgently that the World Health Organisation pays attention to this piece of information and adaptation to this can reduce the impact of COVID-19 as many people in India are getting infected when coming into contact with COVID-19 positive patients.

The research published was based on 10 lines that were identified as a piece of evidence that COVID-19 could be airborne.

Other contributing factors include the space in which the person may catch the infection. People are more likely to get infected indoors than in open spaces. A proper ventilation system can ensure that it does not spread as much.

The best way to stay safe is not to step out unnecessarily and take necessary precautions.