Harmful effects of pollution on teeth

Check out the harmful effects of pollution on our teeth:

In today’s time, pollution is increasing day by day and so are the health problems among everyone. Though many people are aware of the common issues related to this bad environment but few know that it also affects our teeth. So, here we have brought some of the major dental problems that occur because of pollution:

 Effects of Pollution on Teeth

  • Contamination in water, air, soil with dioxins is the major cause of Pollution and teeth does not have that much ability to handle this kind of toxic which makes them weak and brittle.
  • Polluted air release chemicals which may result in pathological attrition and consecutive damage to pulp chamber and various abnormalities of dentin and enamel.
  • These harmful chemicals also disturb maturation of the enamel matrix and slow down the development of the crowns and roots.
  • Dioxins released from pollution results in the increase of iron which causes brown and yellowish discoloration of the teeth, especially on the front.

 Effects of Pollution on Teeth

  • Because of the pollutants released from bad air, calcium and phosphate disturbances occur which eventually brings the outcome of affecting the hardness of the dental tissues of the teeth.
  • Going out during pregnancy in pollution increase the eruption rate of the incisor or the front teeth, delays in molar tooth eruption and common absence of third molars or wisdom teeth, premature teeth eruption, impaired mineralization, and hypodontia or less number of teeth.
  • As the level of carbon oxide, Magnesium, silicon, iron, aluminum and copper increases so is the dental problem starts and raise with time.
  • One of the major thing that affect our teeth severely from pollution is Chlorine. It results in pigmentation on the teeth and softens the enamel which leads to chipping or destruction of teeth.