Face Yoga: The new way to mantain your face

Face Yoga
Face Yoga

Mansi Gulati, Face Yoga Expert in India who introduced the revolutionary concept and the first woman to win the title of Mrs. India – Asia International without use of any cosmetic has now taken an initiative to promote Face Yoga across India.

The world renowned face yoga expert Mansi Gulati has trained various celebrities and participants in beauty pageants across the nation. She is now organizing the workshop to make the art popular so that it is optimally utilized by every individual to look young & beautiful naturally. Face yoga accentuates one’s face naturally. It makes one appear 10 years younger than the actual age.

The benefits of doing face yoga regularly are reduction of lines and wrinkles, improved skin tone, reduced headaches and eye strain, release of tension, an energetic appearance and a healthy glow on the face. Face yoga also gives a holistic feeling of wellbeing which highly benefits the mind and body.

Face Yoga is 100% natural. From creams and serums to injections and surgeries, there are plenty of anti-aging strategies to maintain a youthful look. The problem is that these methods often use chemicals or surgical procedures to deliver desirable results. Facial yoga is as natural as it gets- no hidden ingredients/ chemicals or hours under laser or scalpel.

Face Yoga releases tension. One might be surprised at how much tension one holds in his/ her face and neck. Facial yoga teaches one to become more aware of those muscles so one can relax them anytime one feels tightness creeping up. It helps reduce wrinkles. Some wrinkles come with age. Some come because we’re constantly tensing muscles in the face, like those around the eyes or mouth. Facial yoga builds awareness so one can release the unhealthy tension that’s causing crow’s feet and other wrinkles. It promotes collagen production, keeping the skin younger looking.

“Just as your body needs regular exercise to stay toned and firm, there are 57 muscles on your face and neck which also needs to be exercised. As they become stronger, they are lifted and firmed and the skin attached to the muscles gets tautened, reducing lines and wrinkles. The massage moves increase circulation, lymph flow and remove toxins, improving skin tone, reducing puffiness and dark circles.”said Mansi.

The Face Yoga expert has created a 20-minute program which is called ‘NATURAL FACE LIFT’. This is to be carried out daily, six times a week. With Massage, Acupressure, Yoga and Facial exercises, one can achieve unbelievable results and look beautiful and young naturally.

By Mansi Gulati, who got crowned as Mrs. India – Asia International, is also an international Yoga Exponent, Writer and Dietitian. She is the pioneer in promoting FACE YOGA in India.