High Susceptibility to COVID-19 immediately after vaccination

People who have been vaccinated recently are more likely to contract COVID-19.

Contracting coronavirus is easier just after the vaccination, according to recent observations. The reason could be low immunity, although it is not known for sure. This has alarmed people and they have been told to stay vigilant.

Many positive cases have been reported after the vaccination was administered and hence it is being believed that the susceptibility is higher after the dose of the vaccine.

Source- The Financial Express

This makes it even more essential for people to realize the importance of taking precautions to keep themselves safe. Even after getting vaccinated, it is important to continue taking all the precautions, including following social distancing rules, wearing masks, using sanitizers, and not stepping out until necessary.

India has been hit by another COVID-19 wave and that has led to superspreader events. Large gatherings have also contributed to the spread of the virus and many people are struggling to find the necessary medicines, hospital beds, and oxygen cylinders.

The best we can do to keep ourselves is stay at home, follow all the safety precautions and take care of loved ones around.