How stress and depression affect the COVID-19 vaccine

Here is how depression and anxiety can affect COVID-19 vaccine antibody production.

The COVID-19 vaccine is now available and people are now debating its efficacy. It is vital for the vaccine to be effective and there are many factors that play role in that. The COVID-19 vaccine has been tested and has passed through trials but the results are still dependent on individuals.

A recent study has shown that the body’s immune response is reduced due to stress and anxiety and that can affect the antibodies produced against the infection.

Source- Indian Express

Other health conditions including burnout, weight gain, and heart problems can also affect the efficiency of the vaccine and now it has been discovered that chronic loneliness and stress severely impact the antibody production after the vaccine shot has been received.

The study has been published in ‘Perspectives on Psychological Science’ and is applicable for every vaccine, irrespective of the pharmaceutical company that has manufactured the vaccine.

A vaccine is a proven way that provides protection against infectious diseases and it produces immune responses against those bacteria and viruses, leading to the production of antibodies.

Every individual shows a specific response and genetics, physical and mental health plays an important role in determining it.

It is important to take care of your overall health and not let stress affect you to the point that it interferes with your immune response. Take care of yourself and seek help if needed. Rel on your close friends and family for further help.