How to have a safe Diwali for kids

Make Diwali safe for your kids

Diwali is approaching so there are lot of activities happening in every household. Cleaning the house, buying gifts, kids jumping from here and there and much more. Having small kids in the house, one needs to be a little more careful during the festive season. With the fun element, one also needs to take care of the safety element.

We all want everyone to enjoy the festivals and hence safety is an important concern. So we at AAW tells a few tricks which can keep the festivity in the air while keeping everyone specially the kids safe.

Safety: The house being all bright is a ritual during Diwali. All house are beautifully lit up, but this can also be dangerous. Loose wires can be pulled by kids so try and hang your lights or other decorations at a height. This will get them out of kids reach.

    • Crackers: While crackers are not environment friendly, but every kid loves them. So if you do plan to burn a few (which is also bad) keep few safety tips in mind. Make sure kids watch it from a distance, make them wear closed footwear and avoid wearing easily flammable clothes. You should keep a fire extinguisher or some sand to burn out the fire, if occurred.


    • Keep medicines handy:  Keep bandages,burnol , antiseptic creams etc handy as you never know with kids anything and everything is possible.  If you kid has breathing problems (which most of the kids have because of high pollution) avoid taking him out and keep inhaler and nebulizer handy

    • Choose your children’s attire carefully: Thin or synthetic material are hazardous due to a lot of diyas or lights all around them. Heavy outfits can also restrict them of their actions  and you don’t want to deprive them of that so choose an outfit that is light and not easily flammable.
    • Avoid outside food: During Diwali there is lot of adulteration in food  but kids love outside food so buy food from reputed  eateries only. Also try to make few of your kids favourite dishes  at home


  • Try to keep your kids around you: Get them to help you with a few chores or decorate the house. This will not only keep them out of trouble, but also have them involved with you.

We wish you and your family a very Happy and prosperous Diwali. Be safe and spread love.