How to look after someone recovering from Covid-19 

Check out how to take care of a loved one recuperating from COVID-19:

We all know that physical health and mental well-being are interconnected. If you are physically not doing okay, you are bound to feel low mentally as well. This pandemic has made us take care of ourselves like never before. Which is technically a good thing, more than ourselves we care for our loved ones now. As per doctors because of the nature of the infection, the quarantine requirements, and the relatively long convalescence period, the help provided by support groups like family and friends is crucial for a person who is looking to make a smooth recovery. 

So here are some hurdles and possible solutions that you need to know while your loved one is recuperating from the illness.

  • The stigma related to coronavirus can be a cause for concern, especially when the person might blame themselves for being the point of spread and exposure to their loved ones. You need to support the person when they are dealing with such a situation.
  • Dealing with daily activities can also be difficult for the person recovering from the illness, it depends on the account of fatigue produced by it. Help them with chores and give them the much-needed rest. 
  • Patients recovering from the illness can experience frequent anxiety issues causing them to follow social distancing from others and worries about the future and a sense of being a burden on the family. Discuss their anxieties with them and help them cope up with the situation. Ask them to practice anxiety-relieving activities. 
  • Sit and praise them the way they handled the situation.