How to manage stress eating during the lockdown

Here is how you can manage stress eating and avoid binge eating during lockdown.

This unprecedented lockdown has triggered anxiety in many people and stress eaters. There are many people who find comfort in food and deal with stress and emotional turmoil by stress-eating. While it is okay to indulge, stress eating isn’t the ideal way to deal with stress. Here are some tips that will help you manage stress eating during the lockdown. 

Source- Today Show

Make a schedule 

If you do not have a fixed eating time then it gets difficult to control your hunger. A proper eating schedule can keep you from eating at random times that reduces overeating and binging. 

Keep yourself occupied

Lockdown has narrowed down the things you can do but there are plenty of other activities that you can do sitting at home. Find a few that you enjoy doing the most and that keeps your mind off binging. 


People often confuse thirst with hunger so make sure you are consuming enough liquids. You can even experiment with drinks like lemonade by adding different fruits and other ingredients to it. Refreshing drinks will keep you hydrated. 

Divide meals 

If you feel hungry often and don’t wish to overeat then it is best to divide your meals into smaller portions and eat at a gap of 2-3 hours to keep yourself satiated. 

Eat your meals only at the dining table 

Fix a place to eat and avoid carrying your snacks to bed. This kind of discipline can keep you from overeating and turning to food every time you feel stressed. 

 Here are some ways to manage stress eating. Apart from this, meditate to keep your stress under control, speak to loved ones and tell them how you feel as it will help you feel better.