Lung exercises: The right way to use a spirometer

Do you Know the Right Way To Use a Spirometer & Common Mistakes People Make? 

The COVID-19 virus affects the upper respiratory system, making it difficult to breathe for human beings, Spirometer is working as a savior for them. Minimizing the effect of the virus, Spirometer keeps the lungs active and fluid-free with deep breathing. It’s a device that equips and helps the lungs and respiratory organs with oxygen and hassle-free breathing wherein, the balls of the piston within the device rise and measure the volume of a human’s breath. However, most people are not aware of the right way of using it and its associated commonly made mistakes. We have covered each bit in detail; here’s how:

The right way of using a spirometer: 

Sit on a Chair/Bed: Use a spirometer by sitting comfortably and hold it straight at eye level. Put the mouthpiece close to your lips and breathe in slowly to raise the balls higher. Do this at least 5 times. Afterward, turn the spirometer upside down and exhale inside the mouthpiece again to raise the balls higher. While inhaling and exhaling, try to raise the balls at the same level. If you feel dizzy then have rest as continuing it will result in breathlessness.

Commonly made mistakes: 

Feeling Unrelaxed: While using a spirometer if you are not comfortable and relaxed, try to stabilize your breath. Using it in an uncomfortable position and situation can result in worsening circumstances, making you breathless.

Closing Vocal Cords: Always inhale and exhale with your complete capacity and do not close the vocal cords or hold your breath as it will lead to incorrect measurement of balls inside the piston. So, push your limits while making yourself calm and relaxed.

Incorrect Sitting Posture: A spirometer only leaves a person with its correct result when he sits erect and straight either on a chair or on a bed. Sitting incorrectly pushes more pressure on the lungs making it difficult to breathe and perform spirometer exercise. Lungs are made with fragile and soft tissues so, keep both your spine and shoulder straight and make it easy for lungs to breathe in and out.

Incorrect Positioning of Spirometer: Most people think that a spirometer is only meant for breathing out; however, the device is meant for both inhaling and exhaling breath, strengthening lungs. Therefore, it should always be held straight at eye level to inhale and turned upside down to exhale.