My dad tested COVID-19 positive! How we dealt with the situation 

My father tested positive for coronavirus, here is how we handled the situation: 

And it happened! The fear that all of us were dealing with came true. A few days ago my dad tested positive for coronavirus. We were following all the lockdown rules and not heading out of the house, but as the lockdown eased, offices were reopened and my dad started going to the office. As the door to the office opened, coronavirus entered our home. 

How did it start? 

My dad complained of fever and sore throat, he visited the doctor and was prescribed a few medicines. The doctor further suggested undergoing the COVID-19 test after three days, if the fever remains. For the next three days, we checked his fever and he had a high fever. We then decided to get him tested. 

Struggle with the test? 

We tried to contact several labs but were unable to book a test for two days. We then finally, booked a test and it took three days for the report to come. 

As the report came, it was positive. Since we are three members in the house, and I checked the report I had to tell my parents. The moment I told them, my mom panicked, we asked dad to stay inside his room and then, I contacted my sister and my family members. 

We panicked a lot because we thought it might be seasonal flu. We did not have any plan of action. I was all crying and full of fear. I contacted a few people and decided to rush to the hospital, which wasn’t the right thing to do. Soon my sister arrived and we decided to consult a doctor online, before going to the hospital, as my father had only mild symptoms (i.e fever and sore throat). ‘

Struggle with doctor’s appointment: 

We struggled a lot to get an online appointment with a doctor of a reputed hospital, we were not able to book one until evening (the report came in the morning). My dad being a government employee, my brother in law decided to rush to the government dispensary, which is near my house. 

Luckily, doctors were available there and we got a prescription for my dad. They suggested home isolation and some medicines. By the evening we also got another doctor’s appointment (through approach), they also recommended the same. So finally, after a week of getting a fever, my dad got the treatment. 

So now, all three of us were quarantined. We were worried about dad’s health and ourselves also. But by the time private labs stopped carrying out tests, and the government officials suggested not to take tests until we developed any symptoms. So, my mother and I did not get tested (also we did not have any symptoms). 

Dad’s treatment: 

If you or anyone you know have been tested positive with COVID-19 with mild symptoms, I would like to suggest home quarantine and treatment. The hospitals are out of beds, and the situation out there is quite bad. Trust me we have faced it. 

So, let’s talk about the treatment since there is no specific treatment for the disease yet, the management is to control the symptoms. The medication is only given to relieve the symptoms, not to cure the disease. 

Here is the recommended dosage: 

  • Paracetamol: PCM 650 mg to be taken only if fever is higher than 100 0 F and could be taken 6 hourly. 
  • Cough syrup 
  • Azithromycin for sore throat 
  • Supplements like Vitamin C (Limcee 500mg) and multivitamins like Becosule were taken every day, to help build immunity.
  • Steam inhalation, twice or thrice a day
  • Gargles twice a day 


Home remedies: 

  • Kadha : basically a drink made up with various ingredients such as ginger, turmeric, cinnamon (dalchini), cloves (laung), honey, black pepper, giloyi etc, cooked in water for 25-30 mins, taken twice a day. 
  • Gargles with turmeric and salt 
  • Use of rock salt to control blood pressure 
  • Steam inhalation with turmeric water 
  • Intake of hot water only throughout the day 
  • Plenty of oral fluids like coconut water, buttermilk, juices etc.
  • Fruits with vitamin C like Mausami, and lemon 
  • Green tea 
  • Regular breathing exercises

As my dad had some blood pressure issues, Hydroxychloroquine was not advised to him. As the drug has some side effects as well. 

Well, as precautionary measures, my mother and I also started doing all the home remedies and intake of vitamin supplements. Also, as soon as my dad developed fever, we started taking all the precautionary measures (wearing masks, using gloves, washing hands and maintaining distance). Both of us focused on boosting our immunity and staying healthy. 

We also got our house sanitized after the test results came, and I used to sanitize the most touched surface twice a day. The use of surface disinfectant is advised. 

How did we cope up? 

The lockdown by now has been a great time for me and my family. We spent time cooking, eating, playing games, and enjoying ourselves together. This was a sudden shock to us, but it was time to act wisely. We went through a lot of bad thoughts and panic. But soon pulled ourselves together. Because we know this is a war and we have to win it. 

The next morning we were all strong and ready to defeat corona. As days passed we became stronger and tackled the situation with the help of our relatives and neighbors. I feel blessed to have a family that is so supportive and loving, every one of them called daily and asked about us. Some of them even drop by to deliver some stuff. I think it is the support and love of our loved ones that we came out strong. A big thanks to all of them! Not only family but all our friends and known ones were supportive and helpful. We were all optimistic throughout and just focused on the treatment. 

The next thing we worried about was the follow-ups, but luckily, after the test results, we received a call every morning from the local government dispensary to check on my father and ask if any of us had developed any symptoms. During this period, we were asked to monitor our health parameters and look out for symptoms like fever, cough, and breathlessness. 

The next fear was “log kya scochenge”, but it is not like that. Though we had a poster pasted to our building. but everyone was supportive, our neighbors, where all helpful as all three of us were quarantined, they helped us in every possible way. From getting medicines to vegetables, they used to get stuff for us.  The neighborhood shopkeepers also helped us. 

I would also like to say that the isolated person might feel lonely, so keep talking to them, video calls them, and keep in touch. I remember after one week my dad said to me, it feels like it’s been a long time that i hugged you, I really want to do that. This made me emotional and I gave him a flying kiss. Take care of your loved ones. 

Lessons we learned: 

  • Do not panic if someone in your house tests positive for COVID. It is just the flu and the person will do better with time. 
  • Do not rush to the hospital and start home quarantine if the symptoms are mild. Only go to the hospital if there is breathlessness. 
  • Isolate the patient because the disease is contagious 
  • Our loved ones helped us get through these difficult times 
  • It is always better to talk to medical practitioners and clarify doubts, rather than follow online recommendations. 
  • As there is no treatment for the disease right now, the best thing to do is practice basic hygiene, social distancing, and home remedies. 
  • Isolation can be bad, so keep talking to the person and stay connected through the phone. 

Current status: 

My dad is doing better now, he doesn’t have any symptoms. Five days after the treatment he did not develop a fever and slowly his throat issues also solved. But I would like to state that it is my dad’s will power that he recovered soon. He also did every possible home remedy and the best part is he was positive throughout the period. He is a superhero! For me and my mother, we are perfectly fine and healthy. 

Also, remember the disease is not infectious after the person doesn’t have any symptoms. 

Coronavirus is spreading like a fire, staying protected, and taking all the required measures is necessary. Stay calm and act wisely.