Should you wear face masks while exercising 

Check out whether you should wear a mask while exercising or not:

The debate about wearing masks worldwide is still going on. Two groups of people came into being. One group rose in support of wearing masks and the other group, called the anti-maskers rose against the wearing of masks. So far, no study has been found that debunks the usefulness of the masks. However, the debate about wearing masks while carrying out activities such as exercising, yoga, or walking is still under construction.

The World Health Organization openly advised against the wearing of masks during exercising as it can cause breathing problems and encourage the growth of microorganisms. Other than this they asked people to follow social distancing.

Though, there has not been any proof of prevention against the spread of the virus in the form of droplets if masks are worn while exercising. The experts who advise not wearing a mask while exercising is because it can cause an obstruction in breathing, which in turn can result in dizziness and dehydration. However, some experts have issued statements recommending wearing masks while exercising as long as a few precautions are applied.

Things you need to be careful while exercising in a mask:

    • The material of the mask

    The mask that you wore at the time of exercising should not be thick and should be made from a material like polyester that can dry quickly.

    • The intensity of exercise

    You must do light to moderate intensity exercise while wearing a mask. This can include exercises such as brisk walking, yoga, or slow cycling.

    • Look for signs

    You should notice the exertion that you are putting on your body while exercising. Be attentive to signs such as dizziness, light-headedness, fatigue, and hyperventilation to keep them from overexerting their bodies.

    • Know your body

    People who are suffering from chronic diseases like bronchitis, asthma, or any other cardiovascular or lung diseases must avoid wearing a mask during exercising. The reason it is might result in aggravation of the symptoms of their disease.