Simple Wellness Tips For Winter Season

Check out some simple and easy wellness tips for the winter season:

Longer nights, cozy mornings and pleasant afternoons are some of the very welcoming features of winters. This year, however, we are experiencing weather extremities. Untimely rainfall, excessive heat, and recurrent illnesses have now become completely normal. That’s why winters call for more concern in terms of staying fit.

Cold, flu, fever, and viral infections are constant reminders of this cold weather. In other words, this season can invite a variety of unpleasant days. Whether it is because of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or skin ailments, it will all boil down to your immunity and fitness. So, we give you some tips to amp up your winter wellness:

  • Get some sunshine  

A burst of bright morning sunshine, hearty laugh, and consistent exercise have never harmed anyone! We are always sitting in stuffy offices and crammed house spaces- none of these doing any good for your health. Sunshine can actually reverse almost any ailment. Since our houses are filled with gadgets and zero ventilation, it is not advisable to stay indoors for long hours. Get out of that pressed space and catch some sunshine to attract greater immunity.

  • Hydration

One of the many health mistakes we make during cold months is not having enough water. “If there is any magic on the planet, it is contained in water,” says a very famous proverb. That is, by default the only truth we all must know. Drinking an adequate amount of water not only helps in refurbishing your cells and boosts their working but also aids in boosting immunity. Warm water in the winter months will serve to strengthen your immunity even better. Drink water right after you get up in the morning. That’s what the Japanese do for healthy living. And do we need to say how they are among the most healthy people in the world?

  • Eat healthy

‘Tis the season for hot soups, stews, and colourful veggies. Consume any and every locally-available vegetable to stay well. Chomp on fresh fruits, seeds, whole grains, lean proteins, and unprocessed juices.

    • Exercise

Have you ever noticed that you feel extremely lethargic all through the winter months? Breathing can be a huge problem also. That’s why you must opt for ashtanga yoga and pranayama in these cold months. Yes, you need to push yourself harder to get out of that super-comfy quilt. You may be experiencing frequent joint pains in this weather, that’s why you ought to exercise or do some physical activity as a routine.

  • Wash your hands

Winter is the season for flu and cold. Whilst you travel or even say, touch various things, there are chances of you catching an infection. So, just make sure you wash your hands regularly to avoid contracting any infection.

Inputs by: Pinky Daga, CEO, Thriive Art & Soul