This plant based anti-viral drug could fight against COVID-19

This drug derived from plants can be an effective anti-viral solution.

The pandemic changed many things for us and due to the coronavirus outbreak, many people have been under lockdown for over a year. The vaccine drive has started in many countries as people are ready to fight this virus off.

Thanks to the efforts of researchers and scientists, a plant-based antiviral drug has been discovered which not only works against COVID-19 but also provides immunity against three other respiratory viruses.

Source- Livemint

The research study has been conducted at the University of Nottingham, UK and it is a broad-spectrum drug that can be effective in targeting different viruses, even in the initial stages.

Thapsigargin can be useful when used before the infection and according to studies, it has also stopped replication of new copies of the virus after it was exposed to animal cells for about 30 minutes.

Not only the efficacy, but there are also many impressive facts about this drug which can make it a top chosen drug in the coming time. It can be taken orally, is stable in acidic pH, and is not sensitive to virus resistance.

The research on this anti-viral drug is still in the early stages and scientists are working on making this plant-based drug accessible to people. This drug can play an important role in controlling respiratory viruses and provide a broad spectrum solution against deadly infections like coronavirus.