Tips to stay safe from coronavirus in winters 

Check out some simple protocols to follow to stay safe from coronavirus: 

This pandemic has become our reality and every day we talk about the new normal. As coronavirus and problems related to it are still here we need to take some safety protocols while visiting offices, commuting, or visiting various places. These tips will help you stay safe from coronavirus. Check them out below: 

While working from office:

  • Make sure proper social distancing is followed 
  • Make sanitization stations available around the office for employees 
  • Clean surfaces like doorknobs, handles, armrests, tables, light buttons, keyboards, elevator buttons, etc. 
  • Make sure everyone wears a mask throughout the day in the office. 
  • Have a separate room ready for employees who feel sick. 
  • Visit office when needed, try to work from home
  • Keep washing your hands or use sanitizer 

While traveling:

  • Wear a face mask and face shield while traveling in public transport 
  • Use sanitizer every time you touch any surface like door handles, doors, touchscreens, gears and etc 
  • While traveling in a cab keep the windows open so that the air circulates. 
  • Try to travel in non-peak hours 
  • Make online payments and avoid using cash 
  • Don’t put your mask down
  • Use a disinfectant before sitting in the cab or touching any surface 

While visiting a hospital: 

  • Always maintain distance from other people in the hospital 
  • Avoid touching any surface 
  • Keep a sanitizer handy 
  • Go to the hospital alone 
  • Get a thermal check done and also sanitize your hands
  • After getting back keep all the files isolated for at least one day 
  • Take a bath after coming back 

Some basic things to follow:

  • Consume ginger 
  • Drink hot water 2-3 times a day 
  • Keep washing your hands 
  • Do not forget to wear a mask 
  • Drink immunity boosters