Vitamin C & Zinc may not help in COVID-19 recovery

Vitamin C and Zinc supplements do not aid COVID-19 recovery.

Many of us were scrambling for solutions and supplements when COVID-19 started to spread and people were dependent on their immune response to fight off the novel virus. Supplements like Vitamin C and Zinc were a popular choice and doctors recommended COVID-19 patients being isolated at home to consume that.

Now that research studies have been completed, it has been discovered that Vitamin C and Zinc do not boost recovery in patients who are recovering from COVID-19.

Source- Days of the Year

Both these supplements do have individual benefits but when it comes to treatment and recovery of COVID-19, no significant changes were seen in patients.

The clinical trial was conducted with 214 adult patients who were recovering from COVID-19 at home and were dependent on supplements apart from basic medicines.

These supplements were recommended as the doctors were desperate to help the patients out with coronavirus spreading fast and no cure in sight.

The study helped researchers understand how these supplements would work for people who were asked to isolate at home and with a prescribed amount of these supplements, no significant change was seen in their recovery rate.

Source- Citrus Industry Magazine

Taking these supplements to improve overall health is fine. It is best to give your body some time to recover from the infection and take proper care of your nutritional needs while you recover from the infection.

Though the vaccine has been rolled out, it is best to stay vigilant and take necessary precautions to keep our family members and people with health complications, safe.