Vitamins that may give natural protection against COVID-19

Vitamin A, D, and K can help curb the effect of COVID-19 infection.

We should soak up some morning sun as we all know it helps with Vitamin D production and now, there is another reason that will motivate you to get up early in the morning. A German study has shown that Vitamin D can reduce the COVID-19 infection in the body.

Other water-soluble including Vitamin A, D, and K also show the same effect and can help lower the impact of the COVID-19 infection.

Source- Quint Fit

The viral spike protein may bind with the compounds present in these vitamins which can impact the effectiveness of the virus. This study was published in the journal of the German Chemical Society Angewandte Chemie and was a study from the University of Bristol.

Even if the patient is consuming all these vitamins, high levels of cholesterol can make the vitamins ineffective so it is important to keep the bad cholesterol in control.

This has opened up the possibility for new drugs and the previously available ones are being tested to understand the effects of these compounds in Vitamins and how can they be used to produce anti-COVID-19 drugs.

Vitamin D is fat-soluble and the researchers have expressed concern for people who have health issues due to obesity. It is best to stay active and stay in a healthy weight range as it can affect the severity of the infection.

It is not necessary to take supplements. Going out in the sun in the morning just for 15 minutes can help you soak in some Vitamin D.