Ways to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the workplace

Check out a few ways to get rid of coronavirus at your office:

Over a lakh positive cases and many deaths worldwide have been recorded due to coronavirus. The numbers are increasing continuously. It is now time we realize that we need to do something other than creating panic all over. The office is the place where we spend most of our time, so we need to start taking a few steps to prevent the spread of the infection. The employees need to plan to stop the spreading of COVID-19. So, here are few ways to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the workplace:

  • Keep your workstation hygienic

As we use our laptops, desks, mouse, phone, and stationery daily, it is necessary to wipe them with a disinfectant regularly. Keep your workstation clean.

  • Carry sanitizers

Other than washing hands regularly, also keep hand sanitizers with you. Offices should provide sanitizers all around the workspace.

  • Wet wipes

As per Centres for Disease Control & Prevention employees should be given disposable wipes so that they can wipe off commonly used surfaces such as doorknobs, keyboards, and desks).

  • Avoid handshake

Greet everyone with a namaste and avoid shaking hands. You don’t know what the last thing the other person has touched is.

  • Throw used tissues

All of us use tissues, and normally keep them on the desk for a while. So throw tissues in the dustbin as soon as you use them.