Why you must have Ayurvedic magic drink ‘Kadha’

Kadha: an Ayurvedic immune-boosting drink, that you should consume these days: 

It is August and we are still dealing with coronavirus pandemic and it is hard to tell when everything is going to get normal. While we all are asked to take some precautions like wearing masks and washing hands. There are some home remedies also that we all must use for protection against this virus. Here, I am talking about Kadha, an  Ayurvedic home remedy that could protect you, boost your immunity and also help in fighting seasonal infections. As COVID has been termed as a flu infection, this drink is helpful in fighting off infection and making you stronger. 

What is kadha: 

Kadha is a mix of various Ayurvedic herbs. These pacify the Vata and Kapha, stimulate digestion, increase immunity, and also detox our body. The herbs include cardamon, black pepper, cinnamon, giloy, ajwain (carom seeds), tulsi leaves, and ginger all these things directly impact our immunity. 


  • Ginger 1”
  • Cloves 4-5
  • Black pepper 5-6 
  • Cinnamon sticks 2
  • Ajwain : 1 tablespoon 
  • giloyi – 1 stick 
  • Water 2 cups or as required. 
  • Tulsi 5-6 leaves 


  • To make kadha, add water in a pan 
  • Crush ginger, add cloves, black pepper, cinnamon, and all the ingredients along with tulsi in the pan 
  • Now cook it on a medium flame for 20 minutes or till the water is reduced to half 
  • Strain the mixture in a glass, add honey before drinking. 
  • Once boiled, you can sip the kadha again, try to consume it two times in a day. You can even store it and then reheat just before consuming it.

Benefits of Kadha: 

  • All the ingredients that are used in this drink help boost immunity and create a defense against the flu or cold. 
  • Ginger: it contains anti-viral properties and is effective against cough and cold
  • Tulsi: the healing herb helps in reducing mucus in the body. It also boosts immunity and fights against infections. 
  • Black pepper: it’s anti-microbial properties help in improving immunity. So it helps in fighting the cold. 
  • Cloves: they are loaded with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, it soothes the throat and prevents coughing. 
  • Giloyi: it improves digestion and boosts immunity. 
  • Honey: this one increases the heat in the body and immunity as well. 


  • Adding too much ginger cause heartburn
  • Drink it only twice a day
  • Adding a large amount of black pepper in Kadha can lead to a burning sensation in the food pipe.
  • Don’t let it cool down, drink it hot.