Easy DIY home decor ideas

Why buy it when you can make it yourself?  Spruce up every room in your home with these creative and simple DIY projects. Find step-by-step instructions for making your own home decor items. They are pocket friendly and quick to make 

  • Dream catcher


Hoop or anything round

Thick and thin threads

Feathers and beads


  • Take a hoop or a bangle. You can choose anything according to your convenience.
  • Take the thick thread and wrap it around the hoop.  Finish by using hot glue or tape to secure the end.
  • Decide the top of the dream catcher and mark it with a tight knot. Measure about 1.5 inches from the knot and tie another knot. Then do the same thing again and again. Make various loops
  • You can use beads to enhance the web.
  • Use feathers to give the finished look.
  • Your pretty dream catcher is ready.

Bottle lights


Glass bottle (wine/ beer)

LED light

Your favourite photo


  • Rinse the bottle and let it dry
  • Put the lights inside it.  You can even use rechargeable LED lights.
  • Place your favorite photo on the front side of the bottle.
  •  Your bottle light is ready.
Photo wall
Photo wall

Photo Wall



Clip string Christmas lights

2 nails


Tie the light string from one end to another

Now hang photos on the clips. You can even use normal fairy light for the photo wall.