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We Indians love food! But often while constructing a new house kitchen is not really on the top of our styling and planning list. A perfect and beautiful kitchen is every woman’s dream, as most spend a good amount of time cooking food for their loved ones. A perfect kitchen is a combination of many trick elements not just expensive paint and flooring! In a small survey conducted, Aaw asked some married ladies on how to build a proper kitchen and following were the most commonly asked questions

We asked interior artist Anju Kumar to answer their queries to help them design a beautiful and well planned kitchen.

What are elements for a perfect kitchen?

A perfect kitchen can be made with some planning and setting. Proper utilization of space is the key for a perfect kitchen and the placement of all the things in their appropriate place is very important. Neatness in design and utility is of utmost importance.

What is the importance of crockery and cooking appliances?

Crockery and cooking appliances enhance the beauty of kitchen. If placed correctly, they make working in the kitchen easier.

Good quality appliances reduce the cooking time and make your life easier. This is essential for working women and the urban lifestyle.

What kinds of lights should be used?

Lighting system in a kitchen can make or break the look. A well lit kitchen can look lovely and lively. Proper lighting system is very important for kitchen not only from the decorative point of view but for the convenience of work. Hanging lights are appropriate for kitchen though natural light gives it a more homely feeling.

Ideal direction?

According to vaastu one should face towards east when cooking. Secondly, the cooking and washing areas should be separate ideally. These days the cooking & dining area are merged,  this is a good option.

Tips to build a perfect kitchen in budget

For a perfect kitchen one doesn’t need a lot of budget. All you need to add is some basic simple equipment and place them in harmony. Cleanliness should be maintained always as this adds beauty and hygiene. Always store the ingredients in cupboards or covered shelves and do not overload your kitchen with useless gadgets.

 Few Feng Shui tips

In Feng Shui, the kitchen is the symbol of wealth and prosperity so always keep in mind that one should face towards east while cooking. Proper lights and ventilation are a must as fresh air brings positive vibes in home.


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