House cleaning hacks you must know

We all have messes that we just hate to clean as they are tough stains which are hard to remove. Such stains are so hard that they even spoil our well manicured hands and take up all the energy. But not any more as we have listed few house cleaning hacks that help make your life simple.

Bathroom cleaning/pixabay
Bathroom cleaning/pixabay
  1. Always keep cleaning buckets in each bathroom under the sink so you don’t have to carry items back and forth. Though it’s a small thing, but it saves time and hassle.
  2.  Just rub lemon on your chrome fixtures to get rid of water spots.
  3. When your chrome fixtures look dull, polish them with  baby oil to make them shiny and look new.
  4. A mix of vinegar and baking soda will do wonders on your toilet. Just let it sit 15 minutes and see the result.
  5. To remove grease stain from clothes just cover the grease stains with white chalk, wait a few minutes and then wipe the chalk away with a damp cloth.

    Tooth Brushpixabay
    Tooth Brushpixabay
  6. Use your old toothbrush (washed and dried) to clean your keyboard.
  7. Use vegetable oil and baking soda on a toothbrush to clean your cabinet doors.
  8. Use rubbing alcohol to remove nail polish from the carpet.
  9. Put plastic bags filled with vinegar around your shower heads to rid them of stains.
  10. Spray Vodka on the mattress to disinfect them.