How to maintain an aquarium at home

Maintain that aquarium perfectly


Keeping fishes in the house is considered auspicious and adds to the beauty of the house.  But maintaining an aquarium involves efforts and knowledge, as one wrong move can be harmful for your beloved fishes.  Here are some tips to help you maintain a fish tank and keep the fishes healthy:

Water change: Many people think that water in the tank should be changed every day but it’s not true.  The bacteria in the water help fishes survive and changing it completely can be harmful so just change 10 to 20 per cent of water every day. In case you have a filtration system, then even a month’s gap can be managed before changing the water.


Right Lighting: Right lighting is important not only to make your aquarium look beautiful but also for suppression of harmful algae and planktons.  Make use of a combination of natural light and artificial light keeping in mind the fish as well as the plants.

Bigger tanks are better: Some believe that bigger tanks are difficult to maintain but the fact is that bigger the aquarium, the easier it is to maintain.  Large tanks create more stable aquatic environment for the fish and the mortality rate of the fish is also low.

Maintain the temperature:  Check the water temperature regularly and adjust as needed. A sudden change in the temperature can lead to fish-shock and even cause diseases.

Other maintenance tips

  • Don’t add too cold or hot water in tank while changing the water.
  • Always keep the water clean. Scrap the algae on a regular basis.
  • To clean the sides of the aquarium use water from the tank only.
  • Never use a bucket that has had chemicals like bleach, soap etc. in it as this will harm your fish.
  • Clean the new gravel, rocks or bogwood with water before putting them into the aquarium.
  • To grow plants successfully they need about 8 to 12 hours a day of light.
  • Feed your fishes twice a day as suggested and don’t over feed them.