Jazz your home with open book shelves


Deco Home Mahogany book case
Deco Home Mahogany book case

Do you want your décor to look swanky but are unable to maintain it? Here‘s an easy and convenient way to keep your clutter at bay. When there is a space crunch it is a great idea to use shelves. Shelving is essential even when you don’t want to store, you can surely use these to add a bit to your décor, which are a perfect option.

For innovative use

Bathroom shelves are absolutely necessary. If possible get rid of your old shelves and install new open shelves. Upgrading it with floating shelves will give the bathroom a neat impression. These shelves are usually strong and can hold the weight of all your toiletries and give you loads of storage space. Use natural shades to add a pinch of natural look.

There are various ways to compliment your kitchen with open shelves. You can install two or three shelves to store all your beautiful tableware or decorative items. Each shelf can be allotted specific place for storage. Your well crafted and dainty cutlery can be kept safe and out of child’s reach.

Create a reading nook .Use an open shelf to arrange all your favorite books. Your books will be easily visible. Book shelves are not only functional but also pleasing to the eye. You can transform your book storage space into a stylish display of all your books. All your books will be at one place so it won’t take much of your space and time in searching for books.

5 reasons to use open shelves
1. Open shelves are easy to maintain and clean.
2. You will spend less time searching for your dishes or anything in the kitchen or storage area if you have an open kitchen shelf. If you have an open shelf you can easily reach out to spices or other food stuff, which will become easily accessible and will save your time.
3. Open shelves are budget friendly, inexpensive and multi-functional.
4. You can easily unscrew them and take it if you are shifting your residence.
5. If you have a small apartment then an open shelf is ideal and it won’t take much of your space.

Open shelves look trendy and are easily available at www.decohome.in. These shelves are available in a variety of hues so it is easier to match it with your interiors. These shelves are long lasting and best when used with brackets. Install them to get the perfect look for any part of your interiors.

Nikita Jain, Head Brand Experience, Deco Home