Take care of your winter clothes

5 tips to maintain your winter clothes

Sweater weather
Sweater weather

Winter clothes are delicate and expensive and even little carelessness can spoil them. Proper storage is the first and foremost step towards taking care of your woolens  Cleaning and keeping them new for years can be done in an easy and simple way.

Read on how to make your winter clothing last longer and smell fresh

Storage: It’s very important to store the woolens in plastic bags with some naphthalene balls or buy some organic ones from Fab India inside to make them smell fresh and prevent the attack of pests. If the sweaters are heavy, fold them instead of hanging in the closet. Always use cedar hangers to hang winter clothes in a moisture free cupboard.

 Wash: Follow the instruction properly on the care tag. Never use harsh detergents and always turn them inside out while washing. Make it a point to wash them with a good liquid like Ezee or get them dry cleaned regularly to get rid of the dust and germs.

Drying:  Avoid drying your winter clothes, especially sweaters, in the dryer instead, roll them in old towels for five minutes and squeeze out the excess water. Also do not dry them under direct sunlight, as it may fade the colour of the fabric.

 Winter accessories: Scarfs, stoles, gloves and caps enhances the winter look and also attract sweat, germs and dust. Simply hand wash them or in a washing machine depending on the quality at least twice or thrice during the season.

Sweater weather
Sweater weather

Prevent fading: Prevent fading by washing similar colours together. Some old sweaters too can pass on the colour on lighter colours so use colour guard products available in the market.

 Use fabric brush: It’s not possible to send coats for laundry or dry cleaning every week so simply take a fabric brush and stroke it for several minutes, wherever the wool looks dull or dirty.

 Iron: Be very careful while getting rid of the creases on sweaters. Set the temperature of the iron accordingly because a very heated press can leave a mark on the sweater.