Wall painting trends to follow this year

In All About Women, we always look forward to share the best and authentic creative ideas with our readers. Today we are sharing a new trend with you, the wall painting trend. We pulled this expert information from leading paint company, Asian Paints.
In its 13th edition of design and colour forecast, Asian Paints’ ColourNext2016 has an expertly designed colour vocabulary. This year, Colournext uncovered four new colour trends for the year along with a brand new shade, ‘Madder Red’ as Colour of the Year. And for the very first time, they introduced the ‘Wallpaper of the Year’ concept with ‘Soak’.

The Colour of the Year, Wallpaper of the Year and the four colour trends of the year have been identified by some of India’s top designers, architects, advertising professionals and sociologists. Let’s get into the detail of trending wall arts of 2016

Colour of the year

In ColourNext 2016, ‘Madder Red’ was identified as ‘Colour of the Year’. From the sacred to the sensual, Madder Red, is intense and individual. The very apt name is christened after the plant madder from which the pigment is distilled. It remains an expression of the indomitable spirit of the individual that unites the varied currents we see in society today. It comes from an intensity of passion, and the power of conviction making it the perfect colour for today’s times.

Madder Red- Colour of the Year 2016
Madder Red- Colour of the Year 2016

Wallpaper of the year

On the other hand, ‘Soak’, part of the “Moods of Monsoon Collection” by NILAYA recreates inimitable wallpaper that resonates with the pulse of the people. Working with influencers from different disciplines, from designers to sociologists, it distils societal trends that reflect and react to the mood of our consumers making it the ‘Wallpaper of the Year’.

Wallpaper Of the Year
Wallpaper Of the Year


Four wall painting trends for 2k16

Colournext 2016
Colournext 2016

1. ‘Rekindle’ is a long living trend which is forever unchanged yet gracefully moving. The lead palette of Madder Red, Grand Grape, Grains of Sand and Green Lawns captures the unwavering trend for the classic where objects, experiences and spaces awaken a deeper emotion.

2. ‘Flock’ is like a series of open portals that one passes through, weaving layered embroidery of understanding and experience. Almost white with a hint of purple or a drop of red, mild colours meet dreamy surfaces like marble and shimmering glass. This also makes your house look bigger due to use of light colors.

3. ColourNext 2016’s third trend is ‘Age of Creators’ which is offbeat. In present time, offbeat is the new normal, and normal is the new cool. Isn’t it? Head turning definitions of blue, pink, black and green reflect the polish of Corian and anodised metal, offset by suede and concrete finishes. Opposite to minimal designs, Age of Creators covers your whole wall and refreshes your eyes everyday.

The fourth trend, ‘The Explorer’ sees impermanence as beauty. It is about seeing the world through a kaleidoscope of experiences, each one intensely lived and deeply observed. The palette is neutral with browns and greys, the perfect background to the theatre of life that unfolds. Joyfully unattached, The Explorer chooses birch over teak, aluminum over iron and wallpapers that feed a whimsical need to move on.

on ColourNext 2016 that will set the national colour trend, Mr. Amit Syngle, President-Sales, Marketing & Technology, Asian Paints Ltd says “In ColourNext 2016, we rediscover colour and the individual — that unique expression of life that has quietly taken the limelight this year. A prominent feature in Colour Next 2016 is the concept of ‘Colour of the Year’ and ‘Wallpaper of the Year’. I do believe that the trends forecasted this year, will provide inspiration to the design community at large.”