Ways to keep your house naturally cool in summers

Check out the ways to keep your home cool without air conditioning:

Summers make our house hot and without an air conditioner it becomes quite uncomfortable. Switching an air conditioner 24X7 can burn a hole in your pocket so we get you some natural ways to keep the house cool:

  • Open windows at night

As compared to days the night is cooler so open the window once the sun goes down. Instantly, the hot air will be replaced with cool and refreshing air. You can also use fans to keep the cool air coming into your home. Also if you want to prevent the heat then keep the blinds closed during the day.

  • Swap your sheets

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Obviously switching the bedding freshen the room but it also helps in keeping the room cool. Prefer cotton sheets as they stay cooler at this time of the year.

  • Bring in nature

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Strategically place plants on your balcony and living room to effectively cool your home. Place trees and plants on east and west sides of the house to block the sun rays. Vines and tall shrubs are good options for quicker results and a beautiful way to decorate your home as well.

  • Keep the lighting right

Also, make a habit of switching off the lights when not in use as it will make a 20% cooling difference in your home.

  • Unplug at night.

    Disconnect electronics and gadgets and other small appliances give off heat, even when turned off. Reduce total heat in the house and save energy too

We hope these tricks will help you fight summer heat this season.