World Asthma Day: Ways to control dust in your house

Lady cleaning the house plant
Lady cleaning the house plant/freedigitalphotos

Dust is a common problem especially if you put up in a metro. The pollution settles as dust and many a time an open window can cover your house in a layer of dust. Dusting those glass tables and counter tops twice a day is not possible. But cleaning dust is essential as it can lead to breathing problems particularly asthma. So this world sthma dy here are few ways to control dust in your house:

Organise your closets and storage spaces: We all have a closet to keep clothes, bedding, supplies, shoes etc. But often lint from clothes, dust from shoes can make your closet or storage space into a dust haven. The easiest way is to keep every storage space clean. Check and clean every month, look for dust on shoes, also keep extra supplies in garbage bags or plastic boxes to make sorting easier.

Change your bedding once a week: You bed can make you ill as it attracts dead skin flakes, and dust. To minimize allergies always wash sheets and pillowcases weekly. If it is too hot or dusty do it once every 3 days. When you change your bed sheet give your pillows and blanket a beating or let them sit in the sun for an hour to kill dust mites.

Change foot mats regularly: A foot mat helps keep the house clean by cleaning the dust off shoes but you must clean the foot mat weekly and change it every 3 months.

Use the right supplies: Usually we all have a housemaid to deal with the dusting. But do you realise the rag she is using can also spread dust and infections than clean them? Buy a packet of disposable cloths, some disinfectant and a glass surface cleaner.

Old-fashioned beating to your carpets: We all have rugs, cushions, pillows to give the perfect look to our house. But often they attract a lot of dust in fact carpets collect most dust but a good beating can clean them of dust. Simply take them to the terrace and beat them with a broom once in a month. For machine washable pillows, cushions or soft toys wash them on once a fortnight bases.

No open doors: Usually dust settles in when the weather is dry and hot. Avoid opening doors and windows during the day time. You can switch on exhaust fans to circulate fresh air into the house.