Signs that your body is Mentally Exhausted & Burned Out! 

Everything you need to know about Burnout:

Burnout isn’t a disease or lifestyle disorder, it’s the manifestation of chronic stress that occurs due to workplace exhaustion, as defined by WHO. Most of the time, when you wake up in the morning you automatically feel aggressive and don’t want to get out of your bed due to reduced efficacy and this has become ubiquitous at most workplaces resulting in ‘Great Resignation’.

The reasons contributing to the burnout phenomenon are feeling of being helpless, neglected, and cynicism that naturally come into the human brain. Affecting you mentally, these often result in physical weakness of people that later sometimes also turn into chronic diseases.

How to Look Out for Burn Out Symptoms? 

  • Dyrbye: One of the most common symptoms of burnout is Dyrbye where a person faces difficulty in falling asleep, long insomnia, and nightmares. This happens due to the regulation of complicated neurological hormones which becomes a vicious cycle at a later stage.
  • Physical Exhaustion: It’s another most common symptom of burn out which usually undergoes fatigue, nausea, and a pukish feeling. This majorly indicates the change in eating habits such as stress hunger, eating excessively or lesser than usual, and in fact, not eating anything as a person doesn’t feel hungry. People eat less or don’t eat because they feel overburdened, busy, and distracted and sometimes crave heavily their favorite food to calm and relax. The change in eating habits occurs due to stress hormones that affect appetite and result in either making people weak or obese.
  • Headache & Stomach Ache: These sound the common symptoms but have a huge impact on the human body when it comes to burnout. Stomach Ache majorly happens due to exhaustion disorder wherein, a person undergoes nausea, indigestion, and severe gastric problems, and such symptoms in excess result in Headache. These must not be overlooked as it also develops panic attacks, anxiety disorder, and depression which make people restless again due to sleeplessness and appetite changes.
  • Burnout Prevention: If you are undergoing any of the above-mentioned symptoms, it is advisable to consult your primary doctor or mental health professional without thinking about it. Try to ignore these issues as if they don’t occur because it will help you feel easy and relaxed and your treatment with act faster than expected just because of your positive attitudes and behaviors.

Burnout doesn’t only happen due to job stress or work pressure instead there are a lot of other issues such as financial problems, family matters, relationship issues and various other responsibilities. In such scenarios, plan and do all the activities that you love to do such as enjoying games or sports, physical activities, gym, yoga, makeup, dinner, or anything of your interests.

Burnout can be cured and fixed easily with willpower, self-love and care. Its implications only get worse when there are the layers of the blame game, irresponsibility etc. A person can only feel better with quality lifestyle choices including a session with a therapist.