Guide to making the perfect reels on Instagram

Check out some tips to make perfect reels on Instagram: 

Right now the secret to growth on Instagram is, reels, since the introduction of reels last year, the engagement rate has grown. If you’re a creator or a business trying to use Instagram to build a business it’s essential to how to make your reels work.  Now is the perfect time to use and learn about reels. So here is the perfect guide to making your Instagram reels perfect:

Check out how to create reels: 


  • Always select the cover photo before uploading the reels 
  • Use trending songs for your reels

  • Show a transformation like a before & after.
  • Use creative tools like text, filter, or camera effects
  • Use vertical video


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  • Try experimenting and see what works for your page
  • Educational content grabs attention, so make some educational videos.

    • Show different brands and products to people. Showcase products as creatively as you want. 
    • Analyze what time works the best for you, and upload at a particular time only. 
    • Use a tripod to shoot professional Reels videos


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  • Choose a good looking background
  • Share your Reels in Explore tab for better discovery.
  • Try to create original audio for your Reels so that it stands out from others.