Mr Bean’s death prank: An attempt at data stealing!

Here is why Rowan Atkinson’s death prank was played:

Death pranks on celebrities are common and the recent target was comedian Rowan Atkinson. There were fake news articles circulating all across internet and social media regarding Mr Bean’s death and also under big news names like Fox News. It is not the first time that Rowan Atkinson’s death news has been circulated. But this was not just to puzzle fans but also for a different motive.

As per reports, as people would click the fake ‘Fox News’ articles, it would lead them to an error page saying the computer is in lockdown. Further the user would be told to contact a ‘support number’ to unlock the system again. This support number was fake and was to extract personal details of a person like credit card information, bank account details and more.

As the hoax of Atkinson’s death spread all over social media, people even started sharing their condolence for him, making him the top trending topics. But many who had noticed fake news like this before called it fraud.