Things you should know before downloading Sarahah

Insights of the latest trending application Sarahah

The latest buzz among the youth is Sarahah , the news feed of Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat is filled with the messages from this app. It is a messaging application wherein the user can send secret messages without revealing the identity.

Though the website says “Sarahah helps you in discovering your strength and areas for improvement by receiving honest feedback from your employees and your friends in a private manner” but people are turning it into a platform to bully others.

Sarahah Icon
Sarahah Icon

It is in vogue so people are downloading it just to follow the ongoing trend of posting the replies on social media platforms. If you are also thinking of downloading it,  well then here are few things you should know.


  • There  is no option to delete your account. If you go to settings, it only gives you an option to logout so for removing your account, you will have to go to its website.
  • There is no age verification in the app.
  • In Arabic, sarahah means “Honesty”. The idea is to send constructive feedback to each other without revealing the identity. Though some people are using it as a means of cyber bullying by sending in appropriate messages.
  • You need not have a Sarahah account to fire the message you can send it to any person who has a Sarahah email ID. You have to register to receive messages.
Login page
Login page
  • There is no direct reply option in the application. Which means you can only receive and read the message but cannot reply to it.
  • This app is an anonymous app, meaning that you will not get to know who is sending you messages.  You can only guess the sender or post the message on your social media account.
  •  For those who do not wish to receive messages from a certain person, this app gives you an option to block them. Once you block a contact, their message will also disappear from your account.
Sarahah Message box
Sarahah Message box
  • As the identity is not revealed people can write anything to you. They can troll you or threaten you. Be ready to receive the criticism.

As it is the trend I am sure you would want to use it. We all like to go with the flow but be careful and use this application wisely.