We took a one week internet detox

What happens when you are offline for a week

Smartphones to be blamed for all the sleepless nights
Get off the mobile

While discussing how addicted we are to our mobiles, our new team mate decided to go on a weeklong mobile detox and here is what happened that one week!

Recently I took an unexpected break from the social media, internet and my phone. I call this experiment deactivation from online self. Normally we take such breaks when we travel off to offbeat destinations and not while you are sitting comfortably in your home.

The lack of constant ‘notifications’

As difficult as it sounds to me and my own past self, it really wasn’t hard to do. In fact I finally had freedom from my phone and constant notifications about other people lives. I think its okay to not know and to be just alone with yourself and your thoughts.

Decreased mindless chatter

For me social media was an escape from my own thoughts and I wasn’t ready to face me. We fill up our days with so much of mindless chatter and information that we don’t really need. So before I was completely burned out, I took this break. I decided to focus on me and writing.

True friends

I wasn’t really forward to get transcendental experience out of this whole experience but I did. As cliché as it sounds I realized who my true friends are, my inner circle, who are going to be there for me and with whom I needed to keep in touch with. It doesn’t matter how many Facebook friends or followers you have. It is all just an illusion we build around us. Reasons are different for everyone but to take a break every once in awhile helps you get the reality check. Also its just liberating and you get those little glimpses of peace in your life.

It is addictive/ freedigitalphotos.net

Inner peace

Complete peace when you have an energetic four years old at home is just impossible and I am not delusional. I decided to let this experience be a start of something new like a fresh start. I decided to deactivate my old phone number and get a new number. I have decided to give the new number to only selected few. Presently only ten people have my new number and when you look at larger scheme of things, ten people who actually care about you are more than enough.

Happier me
Happier me

New endeavors

I wanted to start my own poems blog for quite some time but I just couldn’t get around to doing it. This break helped me in different ways. One day the name of the blog just came to me and I got motivated enough to actually start it.

I don’t say that I have figured out the mantra for everything but staying offline in an online world can be a blessing. I am going to try this again and hopefully, soon. Would you try detoxing from your mobile and the world of constant online presence?