What is this Mystery Gajar?

It took me a while to believe it when I saw the video. Initially it seemed like a joke but then no! This thing is for real. Bring home Gajar 2.0 and ward off evil. Even better, hang it in your car for luck. The interesting part is that they have a complete logic to it. The Indian Horoscope Council[1] says that it’s one of the best solutions to keep your car from any unannounced issues.

So, those of you who often find the car engines not working properly or if your car has been giving trouble, you have a quick fix to now. When Indian Horoscope Council [1] certified Gajar 2.0, the promise was to bring you luck in your driving experience. One week into its launch, the product is already doing wonders. Those who actually hung the carrot in their car are believing in its magic and how!

Carot 2.0
Carot 2.0

But in today’s time, when the world is moving towards technology, is something like this worth a try?

We have been in the car gadgets’ business for years now and I’ve never heard something so strange. We have built products on technology and not superstition! For instance, you can plug our Carot device in your car and it locates your car, helps with safety of your car and family. It provides better car diagnostics and a host of other benefits. But our device is a gadget based on science, not a totka!” says Shruti Yadav, Product Owner at Minda iConnect Pvt. Ltd.

Call it blind faith all you want, if there was something promising to protect you from all evil when your car is on the road, why wouldn’t you try it!

I’ve going to give this product a try. Let’s see what happens.

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