Safety and security tips for airport


Everyone loves to travel and over the decade flying has become the top medium to travel.  Many airports have got a makeover because of the same reason and great deals are offered on the tickets too. But do you know that a small ignorance and mistake can lead to big trouble at the airport.  Aaw tells you some safety and security tips and tricks for a smooth journey:

  • Always put bags properly on the trolley.
  • Passengers with pram and bulky baggage should opt for lift instead of escalator.
  • Avoid sitting on trolleys.
  • Carefully step on escalators.
  • Take special care of children and elderly people.
  • Ask children not to run on the moving strips.
  • Always hold the handrail for support on escalators.
  • Put a special mark on the luggage to make it easily noticeable at the conveyor belt.
  • Never play with trolleys as you may get hurt.
  • Take care of your luggage and never leave it unnoticed.
  • Fill all the forms including immigration properly with correct details.
  • Never carry lighters or match sticks.
  • Always reach 1.5 hours before for domestic flight and three hours prior for an international flight.
  • Listen to the announcements carefully.
  • Collect your boarding pass as soon as you reach the airport.
  • Make sure that your handbags have name tags.
  • Keep and check all important documents including tickets, passports and other official documents in place.
  • For domestic flight always carry an id proof along to avoid any problem.
  • Reach the gates at least 45 minutes before flight time.
  • Don’t indulge in any unlawful activity.