How to pack like a pro

Packing Hacks/pixabay
Packing Hacks/pixabay

Luggage packing hacks that will change your life

We all love vacations but with travel comes the ever-daunting task of packing. Packing is an art as you have to adjust the maximum things in a limited space. Above that we also don’t want even a single winkle on our clothes which makes packing a tedious task, “During my honeymoon I couldn’t carry few things including my flip flops, fashion jewellery etc because of luggage issues and the clothes I packed were totally crushed by the time I opened my bag at the hotel,” reminisces Deepika Gupta. Just like Deepika, we also face similar issues especially when we have to pack for a long vacation. But while packing my bags for a 20 days long USA vacation, I figured out many packing hacks which helped me a lot. Read on to know those simple hacks which you too can use during your next vacation

Roll, don’t fold clothes: Rolling your clothing rather than folding is one of the best ways to maximize luggage space. Also it helps prevent wrinkles and creasing. Roll the delicate dresses between two sheets of white tissue paper while others you can roll normally. Fold your lingerie rather than keeping it directly in the bag. Make sure to pack your light colored clothes inside out.

Role your clothes
Roll your clothes

Pack the heaviest items closest to the wheels: Always remember to keep all the heavy items stored towards the wheels so weight is distributed evenly.

Makeup: To protect powder makeup products from breaking while traveling stick a cotton pad or cotton ball inside the compact before putting it in your makeup bag. Also when packing for a weekend trip instead of packing big, bulky makeup bottles pour a little bit of the product into a clean contact case or any other small bottle for easy travel.

Use organizers
Use organizers

Organise: If you don’t have a luggage organisers than use pouches , shoe bags , shower caps , disposable boxes , zip pouches, pill box etc for keeping shoes, jewellery makeup and other things. Try picking up multi purpose make up products and small toiletries bottles . You can even use your old glasses cover to keep makeup brushes or other small things.

Shoes: Keep your shoes in a shoe bag and stuff socks in the shoes itself. Also if you are carrying glass bottle keep them by slipping them into socks. While returning back keep the dirty soles of your shoes away from your clothes by keeping them inside a shower cap in case you don’t have a shoe bag. You can also pick the laundry bag from the hotel room to keep dirty clothes or shoes.

Clothes: Always pack two different tops for every bottom because you can easily repeat denims but not tops.
Other thing to remember
If travelling by air always check the weight of the bag to avoid inconvenience at the airport.
Always check the quality of the luggage bag properly before buying.
Always lock your bags.
Always carry an extra bag in your bag.

What are the other successful packing tips you use?