BB11: Akash kissing Shilpa forcefully is not justified

Doesn’t Akash deserve a sexual assault case?

Shilpa Akash/Bigg Boss 11

Bigg Boss 11 has gone too down the drain when it comes to morals! Yes it is entertaining AF but this season is crass from slut-shaming, weight shaming, age issues, fights it keeps on getting worse.

While the world is tweeting on sexual harassment and #MeToo is trending across the globe, sadly, Bigg Boss airing a kiss where Akash forcefully kisses Shilpa is not doing the makers any favours. The channel acted irresponsibly by airing this footage and when people questioned them on why did they air something so demeaning the Colors representative replied with a “No comments” message.

When this video of Akash forcibly kissing Shilpa surfaced online, Twitterati has been demanding his immediate eviction from the show. But many also feel that eviction from a game show is not enough and he needs to be charged with sexual assault. While all that we know right now is that Salman will ask Akash to say a sorry to SHilpa. But wouldn’t a Sorry give that boost to most sexual predators?

While many might see it as what friends do but Shilpa’s reaction shows us that it was unwanted and she was not too happy with the kiss. What are your thoughts about it?