#TalkToAMuslim is trending on Twitter

Check out why #TalkToAMuslim is trending on Twitter:

After Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) accused Congress of being a party of Muslim, its president Rahul Gandhi responded to the statement with a tweet saying: “I love all living beings. I am the Congress”. Gandhi who is being targeted by BJP leaders after an Urdu newspaper quoted him saying ‘Congress is a party of Muslims’, he tweeted in defense:


The tweet might not have ended the political argument between the two parties but it surely started a campaign to end the politics of communalism and hate.

To start a campaign against the rising Islamophobia in the country some Twitterati kicked off the #TalkToAMuslim trend.

The hashtag soon picked up the pace and went viral. The agenda behind is simple: just like opening up and talking to a friend when need be, “engage in a conversation” with a Muslim person to “know them better” and avoid making stereotypical assumptions.

Many users tweeted:

Some celebrities also joined in:

Non-Muslim people also contributed:

However, there were some people who did not like the use of the hashtag:

What is your take on this?