How to Protect Yourself from the Delhi Pollution?

Here are 7 tips that can protect you from harmful pollution:

With pollution being on the rise in the national capital, it has become essential to do whatever little we can to protect ourselves and our families from this harmful air and environment surrounding us.

  • Wear a mask every time you step out of the house even if it is for 5 minutes. 
  • Avoid working out outdoors, no matter how essential being close to nature is, the current AQI is suggesting otherwise, prefer exercising in enclosed spaces like a gym, treadmill or a mall. 
  • Take a steam bath every now and then to eliminate the hazardous toxins your body might have absorbed during your outdoor activities. 
  • Plant indoor air purifier plants like Ivy, spider plants, aloe vera, etc to keep the air around pure and toxin-free. You can also use an air purifier in your home and office to cleanse hazardous air. 

  • Don’t forget to check your diet. Consume omega and magnesium-enriched foods to maintain your immunity. A balanced healthy diet is essential to maintain as it helps you prevent any inflammation or health problems being caused due to the toxins present in the atmosphere. 
  • Keep monitoring the AQI on a daily basis to keep an idea of the toxicity and pollution present outdoors. You can check the Air Quality Index on their website or any authentic application on your mobile phone. 

  • On normal AQI days, allow some cross-ventilation to remove the indoor pollutants and toxins that get accumulated in the house due to cooking, electronics, etc. 

Following these tips can surely minimize the harmful effects of pollution and help you protect yourself and the ones around you!

Stay Safe, and Stay Healthy!