Karwa Chauth tips to sail through the day smoothly

Check out some tips to ensure easy karwachauth:

The feeling of first Karwachauth is amazing and we are sure all the newly marrieds must   must have already planned their Karwachauth outfit, look,  jewelry and mehndi design. But observing a karwachauth fast can be a difficult task and to ensure that everything falls right in place, here are some tips. Check out some tips that will help you get a smooth sail on your first Karwachauth.

  • Hydrate yourself

The old people always advice to increase the water intake and liquid one night before and during the early morning eating ritual so that you can manage whole day without water. So while having your morning meal always keep water, tea and juice in it.

  • Do eat in the morning

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

By this we mean that do not skip Sargi as it plays an important role in making your fast go smooth. Do not get lazy, get up and eat right and include nuts, milk, and protein-rich food in your morning meal.

  • Keep yourself busy

Since it is your first time, it might be difficult for you to observe it. So make distraction your key, watch movies or series, listen to music, read a book, go out with your partner, just keep yourself busy, in order to ensure a smooth go on the day.

  • Pamper yourself

Book a spa session for yourself in afternoon to have some me time. This will make you feel relaxed and your time will also pass easily.

  • Break your fast appropriately

After being hungry for whole day reinforce yourself with nutrients by consuming yogurt, lemonade, low-carb foods, and protein-rich ones. Avoid drinking tea, coffee or consuming oily food that day, because they might make you feel bloated.

And for all the men reading it, make sure that you pamper her to make it special for her. Happy fasting to all the ladies!