To wed or not to wed, Raima?

Raima Sen’s twitter pic

On Saturday night Raima Sen  declared that she was tying the knot, ‘I am getting married to Varun Thapar’, she tweeted on the micro-blogging site. She also posted a picture with him and tweeted ‘And that’s the husband’.

 The next morning when she started getting congratulatory messages from the near and dear ones Raima dismissed it as a joke. ‘Last nite was a joke and I’m not getting married’, she tweeted on her page. However for the family it came as shock and not a funny joke.

 To save herself from further embarrassment she added that Varun is my best friend. Well, Raima was this publicity stunt or a stupid joke?  We understand that he is your best friend but please avoid these publicity tricks,  we already have many publicity hungry women in Bollywood!