15 benefits of using makeup primer



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Not really aware of what a primer does to your skin? Makeup primer is one of the items that a woman should never go without. Here are 15 reasons why you must use a primer before applying your make-up:

Sealing of pores

In case you are using a liquid foundation, it makes your pores look larger than they actually are. Make up primer is useful because it seals your pores creating a blanket-like layer over them.

Softens your skin

Instantly, after you apply a make-up primer, it softens your skin and renders it velvety soft. This way your skin is smooth and affects your entire make up’s appearance.

Make-up appears smoother

When we discuss about the smoothing affect of a primer, it should be considered a different benefit altogether. Your entire appearance becomes alluring.

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Though not all of them, but most primers are non-comedogenic. It means that the product will not irritate your skin and as a result wont clog pores as well. Applying on acne is therefore not a worry.


Many make-up primers include ingredients for anti-ageing. It reduces the wrinkles, making your skin appear more youthful.

Longer lasting make-up

One of the primary reasons for applying a primer is to make your make-up stay for a longer period. It closes your pores so decreases sweating. Also, it keeps your skin safe from water and dust that might wear off your make-up otherwise.

Primers are light

Primers create a soft and velvety finish to your skin, with a soft lotion. Your experience will make you feel the difference with or without the primer; its always lighter when you have it on.

Easy application

Primers are no different from lotions when you apply them; in fact, they are lighter and less greasy. Its like a liquid that dries quickly after applying; leaving you with pillow-like soft skin.

Reduces Redness

Redness and irritation of skin is something that primers don’t do to you. They help dramatically in cases of redness.

Hides acne

If you are prone to acne, primers lessen the appearance of it, although does not help in reducing them. Its effect is subtler than a concealer.

Suits all skin type

The best part about buying a primer is there are no hassles about making it suit your skin type. Selecting one is very easy since there are no shades from which you need to choose.


Some primers moisturize the skin, and others reduce oiliness which prevents streaks in the make-up. It also absorbs talc from products.

Mattifying effects

Primer application brings a velvety canvas that gives a matt finish to your face, making it look professional.

A Primer is for everyone

Considering how a primer helps your skin look younger, brighter, and gives that ultimate professional look, it is one product that can be used by everyone irrespective of the condition of your skin, the tone, or color.

A Polished look

Start your make-up routine ever day with primers and get all set to step out with the gorgeous and polished look that was so unreachable all this while.

Jenny Corteza is an online content strategist. She consults for an e-commerce website.