Easy hacks to deal with sweat this summer

Easy hacks to deal with sweat this summer
Easy hacks to deal with sweat this summer
Easy hacks to deal with sweat this summer
Easy hacks to deal with sweat this summer

Mercury is already shooting around 46o in April. It is the season of wearing those cute crop tops and blowy tanks but excessive sweating leaves embarrassing spots that completely spoils summer attire and of course confidence too. Here are some really effective tips to deal with sweat of different parts:

Boob Sweat

Yes, all of us know the struggle of dealing with boob sweat, especially girls with large boobs and those health freaks who sweat a lot in the gym. Yes, sweating is healthy but do you want to advertise the stain looking on your shirt? Obviously no! Without investing much, here is how you can fix the same:

  1. Bra Liners: This is basically made of absorbent material like a tissue or a piece of cloth which you have to tuck into your bra. It is a in triangle shape that keeps your boobs sweat free. They look pretty similar to breast pads.
  2. Argan Oil: Argan oil does magic here. Just apply a few drops to your boobs and move free with sweat free, mark free breasts. It also keeps away the irritation caused by heat.
  3. Talcum Powder: Have you ever wondered why baby powder is dusted on baby’s bum? Because wearing diaper gives them rashes and irritation which is more or less similar to boob sweat.  So, after every shower don’t forget to apply talcum powder.

Palm Sweat

Sweaty palms are not tolerable because they cause extreme embarrassment everywhere. The most problematic thing is they don’t dry on their own. It causes irritation when you are at shopping spree or out on a vacation and every handshake is an embarrassment. But every problem has a solution, so here are some for you:

  1. Cornstarch: Do you know cornstarch is one of the ultimate home remedies for sweaty palm? Just soak your hands in cornstarch to get rid of sweat and interestingly it is also the remedy to keep pores clean.
  2. Lemon juice vodka lotion: Mix lemon juice with some vodka, apply to your hands, keep for around 15-20 minutes and wash with warm water. It provides great relief for sweaty hands.
  3. Cool off your hands: Always be searching for an AC during summers to reduce the moisture content and let them dry. Also, wash your hands with cold water frequently to stay sanitized and sweat free.

Armpit Sweat: 

The most embarrassing of all, due to which you cannot spread your arms freely. It’s kind of tying you with invisible chain. Apart from maintaining good hygiene, here are some successful hacks:

  1. Aloe vera cleanser: Apply aloe vera gel as a cleanser daily to cope with excessive underarm sweating.
  2. Tomato Juice: Have a glass of tomato juice daily. Plus you can also rub tomato and cucumber juice mixture under your arms to reduce odor from sweating.

Go for pastel shades

Hug light colors as they reflect sunlight. Also, light colors gives mind a soothing feeling in irritating summers.

At last, needless to say: Bath daily if possible twice a day. Share your sweat fighting strategies with us in comments below.