Hair care for hot, humid summer

Hair care for hot humid summer!
Hair care for hot humid summer!

Summer is the worst season for your skin and hair. Special hair care is required as the scorching heat takes away all the moisture leaving your hair dry and brittle. Don’t worry, managing hair in summers is not as tedious a task. Follow these tips to prevent your hair from sun damage and get lustrous hair

 Drink water: During summers keep your body hydrated by increasing the water intake. The hair is made up of 5% of water and 95% protein. So to keep hair alive and bouncy, water intake is very essential. Water also stimulates hair growth.

 Get hair spa regularly: Sun and pollution, damage the texture of hair. Go for regular hair spa sessions. short on time? Apply hair pack to avoid frizzy hair and retain the shine.

 Use mild shampoo: Heat makes the scalp oily, so use a mild shampoo (pick a herbal or organic one) daily or on alternate days to get rid of the oil and dirt. For emergencies, dry shampoo is also a good bet.

 Avoid chemical treatments: Avoid chemical hair treatments like bleach, hair color, rebonding, etc. During summers the mane gets moisture deprived, chemicals only make it worse. Restrain from excessive blow drying too.

 Tie your hair: Certain hair-style can also protect your hair from sun damage. It is advisable to tie your hair in a bun, pony or braid to avoid further damage. An umbrella, scarf or hat offer additional protection.

 Trim hair regularly: Since summers saps away the moisture from hair, so make sure that the hair is trimmed every 4-6 weeks. Frizzy ends are a sign of damaged hair.

 Deep conditioning: Hair is regularly exposed to the sun it needs deep conditioning and moisture to quench its thirst! Pick up a deep conditioning product and use it twice a week!