How to use scotch tape for makeup!

Scotch tape
Scotch tape
Scotch tape
Scotch tape

How the humble Scotch tape is the best beauty buy!

 Internet went bananas over a scotch tape cat eye hack. There were abundant makeup tutorials using scotch tape for doing eye makeup. But that was just the beginning because now they are multiple other ways of using scotch tape : From makeup fixes to skin hacks to nail design .And the best part? A roll costs you less than INR 100 and will last you pretty long.
So for all those who are not a pro at makeup and nail art , the scotch tape will come to your rescue. Here are few makeup hacks using scotch tape , they will make your life(makeup) easier
Cleaning makeup brushes: If you don’t have eye shadow brush for multiple different shades than you can use with same one by cleaning it with a scotch tape.
How to do: To clean colored powder off of a brush, roll it on top of a clean piece of tape, which will remove the first two to three layers of color. This method is not a replacement of cleaning your brushes with soap and water at least once a month.
Get rid of dry skin: If you have dry skin then you can use scotch tape to remove dry flakes from the face.
How to do:  Place a piece of Scotch Tape over the effected areas and when you peel it off, the dry skin flakes will come with it. It’s a great quick fix only so do take care of your dry skin.
Clean mascara: It can help you to get rid of an accidental smear of mascara down your face.
How to do: Wrap a piece of tape around the head of a q-tip, and dab over the smudge. It will take off the unwanted makeup without you having to start completely over.
Apply eye shadow perfectly /pintrest
Apply eye shadow perfectly /pintrest
Eyeshadow:  To get the perfect and  professional looking eyeshadow edges, use scotch tape.
How to do:  Use it as outline and apply shadow within. It will make the corners look extra-cut, and keep the powder from falling all over your face.
Nail art:  Those who are not very comfortable using nail art brushes can use scotch tape instead.
How to do: Paint your nail a base color, then use the tape as a stencil to create whatever sort of cool patterns you want. Paint over the tape, and when you peel it off .