Sex tips to make everyday steamy hot

Play some sex game
Play some sex games/

Sex often gets mediocre after a few months or years of passion, it becomes a second wheel to your relationship. A kiss here, a smooch there can set temperatures soaring. Spice up your day and drive the love of your life wild with these hot, sumptuous tips – you’ll never be bored or in the rut when it comes to sex.

Start your day with a message

A sexy text as simple as lets cuddle when you get home can make your partner happy and kinky. When you anticipate something it makes you happy. A raunchy text or something more detailed can be a big turn on.
Touch them someplace new
The best way to impress your partner is to do things you have never explored before. Girls, run your fingers down the side of your man’s chest or down the joint between his legs and groin. Grab his hair when kissing him, use your nails. Guys, rub your girl’s stomach above the pubic bone. The base of her spine is also a highly sensitive area that doesn’t get much attention.
Dress up
We all fall into comfy pajama and loose underwear phase. Spice things by adding kinky bondage, frills and panties. Lingerie can be expensive though so keep it simple with high heels to add some sexy edge. Add some sexy stockings or socks. Another simple way is to wear nothing but a simple leather belt, a necklace or a white t-shirt.

Kiss their neck
The neck is very sensitive and is often overlooked during foreplay. Get your partner in the mood by asking them to lie on their front. Start by kissing their neck with gentle pecks. If you hear their breathing quicken kiss more intensely, mix up the speed and pressure. If he seem to be enjoying this attention, take this a step further by whispering something naughty in their ear or kissing their earlobe.
Get a wig
Yes you read it right! A wig can change your personality and add confidence to your skills. Try on different styles and see which one you like. Try to choose something that is different to your natural hair. So if you have long black hair, pick a blonde short wig.
Taking on a new identity can make sex exciting for both of you however ask your man so that it doesn’t turn into a funny situation.
Ride him
Often the guys go on top, so make your sex hotter than ever by riding him instead. To make things kinkier wear a skirt or dress during sex. Then, when you’re on top you can take off that top.

Go shopping
Shopping may not sound like the best way to turn each other on, but lingerie shopping will get you both excited. Choose a decent showroom like La Senza or Bewitch in a mall preferably on a weekday and just imagine what the items will look like on.