Reasons why you have cold hands in winters

Why you have cold hands and feet in winters

Many of us often get annoyed as winters approach. This is because our hands and feet tend to freeze. Gloves, woolen socks and hot bottle waters are often our favorite companions. Though everyone thinks it is just because of the weather but in reality, there are many reasons behind feeling this cold. Check them out below:

Lack of Hemoglobin

 Reasons why your hands remain cold during winters

Anemia is one of the major reasons why your hands remain cold. Low hemoglobin creates the problem in sending the oxygen-rich blood to hands which in result freeze them. It also makes you fatigue and week so the best solution to avoid it is; take iron tablets or supplements because deficiency of iron is the main cause of anemia.


Lupus is an infection in which our own immune system hits our organs and tissues. This problem causes redness in various parts of the body. Though there is not any particular symptom of this problem but the first sign from which you can detect it is a facial rash resembling the wings of a butterfly.


 Reasons why your hands remain cold during winters

If you are a chain smoker then you might have noticed that your hands and feet always stay cold? This happens because smoking affects the blood circulation and compresses the blood vessel which is too harmful to your health.


Staying in extremely cold weather leads to a condition called as Frostbite. Due to the tearing of skin, it damages the tissues and muscles. People who do not have good blood circulation are on a high risk of being in this state. So, the best you can do is just keep yourself properly covered and don’t go out with bare skin during winters.


 Reasons why your hands remain cold during winters

People who have diabetes commonly face medical troubles including high blood pressure, circulatory problems, and thyroid issues, which eventually results in cold hands and feet. You should try to maintain a balanced level of your sugar so that you keep yourself safe from such difficulties.

Vitamin B-12 Deficiency

Deficiency of Vitamin B-12 is also the reason why your hands always stay cold. The absence of this vitamin leads to numbness, chilliness and tickly sensation in hands and feet. Try to eat more of food items like fish, meat, eggs, dairy, dairy products, and poultry.