Signs you are a Daddy’s girl

Things that shows you are a Daddy’s girl:

No doubt there are many girls who have similar habits like their father but along with that we all are too attached to him and share a special bond. This relationship is one of the most beautiful and you only realize it after becoming an adult. So, here check out some of the common signs that prove you are a Daddy’s girl.

  • You always think of your father taking you on the stage at your wedding.
  • Always look for a guy who has similar qualities like your father.

  • You and your Dad have a song that no matter where you are, whenever it is played you both miss each other or call immediately.
  • You are the one who never laugh on him and gets annoyed when someone makes his joke.

  • Only he is the one in the whole World who comes in your mind the first and the last to always be there for you.
  • You feel proud in introducing him to your friends.

  • He sends you emotional text that makes you cry.
  • You never feel conscious in talking about anything to him and hugging him at any place.

  • Telling him about your boy friend is the biggest challenge as he is too possessive for you and, is scared of losing you.
  • Saying goodbye to him is the hardest thing. Leaving him is the thought that scares you the most.

  • You stay like a princess and have an attitude of being too pampered.
  • In almost every discussion you bring your Dad in between. He is your role model forever.