6 Offbeat Valentines day celebration ideas

Woohooo its that time of the year that love is in the air! you guessed it right its valentine’s week. Planning a special date to celebrate the day? Are you going to book the same boring evening dinner with a gift or flowers this time as well? I hope not. How about something extreme, something funny and something different? Change is the rule of universe so screw the cliché and make this day as extraordinary as you are. Team AAW tells you some interesting ideas for V-day

  1. Be unpredictable

Serve him letters E, W, N and S instead of breakfast and ask to pick one. Take him to that direction and go wherever the way is leading you, getting lost somewhere is fun in itself (get him something to eat in between). Go to the place where you two first met or usually love to hang around. Give him the first rose of the day here. Dig your museum of memories by recalling those good old days.

 Be unpredictable

  1. Cherish some ‘us-time’

Practically many of us are busy in hustle and bustle of our lives. Take a break from city and pick a seat for two in centre of a jungle. Or any other place where there are just few things like nature, cooing birds and the air full of love. Even silence can soothe your soul. Return with a refreshed mind to your love nest.

Couple kissing
Couple kissing


  1. Break the record

58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds, this is the world record of planet’s longest kiss. I challenge you, break this record if you can (you can try at least . . . devil smile).


  1. Spread love

Get out of your shell and give together the free hugs to people who are deprived of love like that beggar you daily see in traffic, that old lady who sells vegetables and there are countless. Believe me you’ll attain the happiness in real sense and that too together.

Lady cleaning the house plant
Lady cleaning the house plant/freedigitalphotos


  1. Gift a life

‘Plants and animals are living being’, primary school lesson which we have eventually forgotten, yes gift him a red rose potted plant instead of plucked flower. Because love blooms like flower . . . .forever and ever.


  1. How about a horse ride in the city

I saw that ghodi walas who provide white horse for marriages, hire two horses for an evening and enjoy horse ride in the city. Believe me nothing could me more memorable, funny and exciting as this. Give a shot to some filmy style, don’t be shy, be an inspiration to other couples. (Wink)

horse ride in the city

Thodi pagalpanti bhi zaroori hai. What’s your V-day idea? Share with us in comments.